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Civilian casualties across Ukraine since 29 December

03 January 2024

On 2 January 2024, the Russian Federation launched waves of missile and drone attacks on Ukraine, targeting Kyiv and Kharkiv, two of the largest cities in the country. Preliminary reports from Ukrainian authorities indicate that the attacks killed at least five civilians and injured 130, damaging homes and civilian infrastructure.


Approximately 100 missiles were launched at Kyiv, reportedly killing at least four civilians and injuring 68 (including two children) in the city and surrounding areas. Falling debris from intercepted missiles also damaged residential buildings and a supermarket, along with critical civilian infrastructure such as gas and electricity substations. Consequently, five districts of the city were temporarily left without electricity, heating, and water.

In Kharkiv, several missiles reportedly struck the city center, causing substantial damage to multiple residential buildings. Preliminary reports indicate that at least one civilian was killed and 62 were injured (including six children).

The United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine (HRMMU) visited Solomianskyi district in Kyiv city and neighboring Vyshneve town, and spoke with residents whose homes had been destroyed or badly damaged. Many are currently sheltering in a nearby school, which was also damaged in the attack. In addition to the loss of lives and life-changing injuries, residents described the pain of losing their homes and all their personal belongings.

Since the wave of attacks by the Russian Federation across the country, beginning on 29 December until today, HRMMU has recorded 90 civilian deaths, including two children, and 421 civilians injured in 12 oblasts. This includes shelling and missile attacks, which reportedly killed eight civilians, and injured 29 in areas of Donetsk oblast occupied by the Russian Federation. Each civilian casualty will be independently verified by HRMMU.

The mission extends its deepest condolences to the families of those whose lives have been senselessly cut short, and our wishes for a speedy recovery to those who were injured.

HRMMU documents and reports on the war’s heavy toll on civilian lives, property, and infrastructure. Our latest information on the impacts of the hostilities and the Russian occupation can be found in our report on the Human rights situation in Ukraine, and our detailed analysis of civilian casualties can be found in our report on the Protection of civilians in armed conflict.

 Krzysztof Janowski

Krzysztof Janowski


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