Bakery workshop for displaced women from across Ukraine held in Uzhhorod, Zakarpattia region, in early 2023. This initiative is one example of a local community-led business, supported by Neemia, UNHCR’s local partner organization, providing an opportunity to upskill and enter the labour market. Neemia is one of 13 local NGO partners, working with UNHCR to support the humanitarian response and recovery in Ukraine.
Photo: © UNHCR/Alina Kovalenko

Transparency and accountability are fundamental to our approach. We are dedicated to making data accessible to all stakeholders. This interactive dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of the recovery programmes being implemented by the UN in Ukraine, aligning with the UN in Ukraine Transitional Framework.

The UN in Ukraine Transitional Framework is the strategic document of the UN development system in support of the Government of Ukraine’s response to the economic and social impact of Russia’s invasion and war on Ukraine. The goal of the Transitional Framework is to convene stakeholders around a common vision of the efforts spanning the humanitarian, recovery and development, and social inclusion spheres. The UN in Ukraine provides support to individuals, communities, and institutions to strengthen systems and build resilience, focusing on the priority areas of infrastructure reconstruction, health, education, social protection, food security, livelihoods, energy, and the environment.

Updated quarterly, the dashboard provides detailed information on the programmes and sectors of assistance, as well as resources invested by the UN and its partners – including national, international, and local stakeholders – involved in the implementation of recovery initiatives.

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