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Ukraine Recovery Conference Networking Event on Kharkiv

10 June 2024

Quotes from UN Ukraine representatives during the event 

Picture of Denise Brown speaking during the event
Caption: Denise Brown, the Head of the UN in Ukraine, address assistants of the forum to boost the recovery of Kharkiv, in Berlin, on 10 June.
Photo: © UNECE

Denise Brown, UN Resident Coordinator in Ukraine and Humanitarian Coordinator:

"Kharkiv is once again facing relentless attacks, devastating lives and civilian infrastructure in a region already ravaged by the war. Humanitarian assistance remains essential, serving as a lifeline for its people, at the same time as the journey towards recovery begins. The economy needs to be restored, houses must be rebuilt, and essential services must be provided. Humanitarian aid and recovery efforts will have to co-exist. The UN is committed to supporting the people of Kharkiv, ensuring they receive urgent aid now and the necessary support to recover from the war's devastation."


Munir Mammadzade, UNICEF Representative in Ukraine:

"As Kharkiv continues to face regular attacks that impact civilian infrastructure, we must ensure that the local infrastructure has the tools and resources to continue providing essential utilities to the most in need, especially children."


Karolina Lindholm Billing, UNHCR representative in Ukraine:

The people of Kharkiv want to remain in Kharkiv, so we need to support emergency and durable home repairs and invest in affordable housing solutions now. People cannot wait. Everyone needs a home to live and feel safe in.


Tim Lardner, UNOPS Country Director in Ukraine:

"Reconstructing Kharkiv is not just about repairing buildings. It is an opportunity to bring Kharkiv communities back on their feet and help them flourish again. This will require building back better by introducing sustainability in all aspects of the recovery, be it through gender-responsive urban planning, social inclusion, energy efficiency or an overall people-centred approach. UNOPS is committed to standing alongside Kharkiv communities on this challenging path."


About the event:
In the lead-up to the Ukraine Recovery Conference, which starts on 11 June in Berlin, UNECE and partners convened high-level talks today, 10 June, to renew their commitment to supporting Kharkiv. The talks brought together Ukrainian authorities, UN agencies, the mayors of Kharkiv and German cities, including Nurnberg and Berlin, donors, and international partners. 

Saviano Abreu

Saviano Abreu

UN Ukraine Spokesperson / Strategic Communications Advisor

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