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Things are Not Always as They Seem: IOM Ukraine Launches "LOOK AGAIN" Campaign to Raise Awareness of Human Trafficking

18 October 2023

Kyiv — On European Day Against Trafficking in People, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Ukraine has launched an awareness campaign called "LOOK AGAIN." This campaign's primary goal is to fight against human trafficking and to help people understand the risks that can come with employment opportunities that seem too good to be true.  

According to IOM’s estimates from 2022, more than 32 million people, or 85% of the entire population of Ukraine, have been affected by the full-scale war. “Faced with the direct or indirect impact of hostilities, displacement and a weakened economy, the population in Ukraine has become more prone to trafficking and more vulnerable to other forms of exploitation,” said IOM Ukraine’s Deputy Chief of Mission, Marco Chimenton. “Every second Ukrainian is ready to accept at least one risky offer that could lead to human trafficking or exploitation.”  

The "LOOK AGAIN" campaign goes beyond making people aware of the issue of human trafficking; it urges people in Ukraine to be careful when they encounter attractive job or housing offers that could lead to exploitation and provides examples of commonly used schemes used by recruiters to lure people into different types of exploitation.  

The campaign launch event at the Kyiv Central Railway station

"LOOK AGAIN" campaign launch event at the Kyiv Central Railway station. Photo: IOM / Roman Shalamov

The campaign has strong support from its partners, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, and the Ministry of Justice of Sweden. It was launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and the All-Ukrainian Coalition of NGOs to Combat Human Trafficking, playing a significant role.  

“Modern-day slavery still exists and brings huge profits to the exploiters,” said Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine, Iryna Postolovska. She called on Ukrainians to be cautious when considering jobs or assistance offers: “Check as much information as you can, do not give your ID documents to anyone, let your relatives and friends know where you are, think of a code word that would allow you to inform them that you are in danger, and study the language of the country  you are staying in.” 

A total of 296 survivors of human trafficking have been supported by IOM Ukraine so far this year, with nearly 20,000 survivors supported since the year 2000. 

The "LOOK AGAIN" installation will be visible in 21 regions of Ukraine, including places such as train stations, malls, and town squares. Other communication products developed within the campaign will be widely shared in the following weeks.

For helpful information on warning signs of human trafficking and to learn more about how IOM is working to prevent human trafficking in Ukraine, visit:  

Human trafficking awareness materials distributed to passengers at the Kyiv Central Railway station

Human trafficking awareness leaflets being distributed to railway passengers in Kyiv. Photo: IOM / Roman Shalamov

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