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UN in Ukraine prioritizes purchasing from Ukrainian businesses

28 March 2023

The United Nations in Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, and the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry partnered to organize a Procurement and Vendor Fair in Kyiv today.

Caption: Procurement and Vendor Fair
Photo: © RCO/Oleksandr Zakletskyi

The objectives of the fair were to increase the awareness of Ukrainian businesses of the types of goods and services the UN will be procuring in 2023; explain how to apply to UN procurement processes; and discuss with representatives of the government and the private sector how some key legislative changes could increase market share of Ukrainian business in spending of international organizations. 

The procurement and vendor fair gathered more than 300 representatives of Ukrainian businesses in person and 350 online. The UN system in Ukraine procured more than 510 million USD from Ukrainian businesses last year and expects even more in 2023. Key sectors for the UN include construction, food industry businesses, transport, and logistics and in particular the UN would like to increase vendors from regions around the country and businesses owned by women or persons with disabilities. The procurements of international organizations can also serve as a catalyst to the economic recovery and resilience of small and medium sized enterprises in Ukraine.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs systematically supports Ukrainian business. I am convinced that the goods and services that the UN procures to support Ukrainians should be purchased locally in Ukraine as much as possible. This support will stimulate the recovery of the national economy. At the same time, we aim to significantly increase the share of Ukrainian suppliers not only in local, but also in global UN procurement. Ukrainian business is competitive, meets international standards and can offer good quality goods and services at an affordable price”, said Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

Caption: Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba
Photo: © RCO/Oleksandr Zakletskyi

“The Ukrainian business community will continue to play a key role in the rebuilding of the country. Their investments and growth will help create the jobs that people need. The UN is reaching out through this fair to further our existing collaboration with the business community”, said Denise Brown, UN Resident Coordinator in Ukraine.

Caption: UN Resident Coordinator in Ukraine Denise Brown
Photo: © RCO/Oleksandr Zakletskyi

“Today I am addressing our Ukrainian businesses, participants of the Fair. You have a unique opportunity to get first-hand information about the procurement system of UN agencies, programs and funds, to learn more about the requirements to successfully participate in the UN tenders, discuss other relevant topics of cooperation, and hold individual communications directly with representatives of the organization”, said the President of the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mykola Zasulskyi.

Caption: President of the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mykola Zasulskyi
Photo: © RCO/Oleksandr Zakletskyi

During the event the Ukrainian private sector was also informed about the UN Global Marketplace Platform through which the UN globally procures more than 30 billion USD of goods and services annually. It is a unique platform where all UN entities publish procurement offers. The platform is a "single window" to the procurement world of the UN, through which businesses can track tender announcements and submit proposals.

With its 24 agencies and almost 3,000 staff on the ground, the UN in Ukraine is committed to partnering with Ukraine's private sector in the humanitarian response and in the recovery and reconstruction process.

For more details on United Nations' procurement activities and broader assistance to the private sector in Ukraine – check the factsheet.

Contacts for media queries:

Nadiia Kyzytska, National Information Officer,,  +380 50 900 22 97

Caption: Procurement and vendor fair
Photo: © RCO/Oleksandr Zakletskyi
Caption: Procurement and Vendor Fair
Photo: © RCO/Oleksandr Zakletskyi
Caption: Procurement and Vendor Fair
Photo: © RCO/Oleksandr Zakletskyi
Caption: Procurement and Vendor Fair
Photo: © RCO/Oleksandr Zakletskyi

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