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UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is working with the Government and oblast authorities to repair and insulate damaged homes before the winter comes

29 September 2022

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Ms. Vereshchuk and UNHCR Representative Ms. Lindholm Billing visit homes repaired in Kyiv Oblast through UNHCR’s housing programme

Borodianka, Ukraine – Today, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories, Iryna Vereshchuk and UNHCR Representative in Ukraine, Karolina Lindholm Billing visited homes in the Borodianka raion of Kyiv oblast. The homes, which were damaged during shelling earlier this year, were repaired through the UNHCR housing programme in support of the local oblast authorities’ response.

Since the start of the invasion of Ukraine in February, almost 14 million people fled their homes in search of safety, and more than 800,000 families have had their homes destroyed or damaged in missile attacks and shelling.

In close coordination with the Ukrainian government, its local authorities and communities, UNHCR identifies families with specific vulnerabilities, like older age, disability or low income, who need support to repair their homes. This is part of UNHCR’s contribution to the collective effort to provide people with access to dignified and warm housing during the winter.

Following the visit to the families whose homes were repaired, the Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereschchuk said: “We see with our own eyes how the territories of the Kyiv region are being restored and revitalised. Our strategy is to help them rebuild as soon as possible, to ensure safety and to provide them with everything necessary. The residents must be protected and must have the opportunity to heat their homes, buy food or medicine, and receive the services they need. In the Reintegration Plan that we developed together with UNHCR we have clear directions and understanding: who is responsible for what. Here, you can see the results – people get help and know that they are not left alone.”

“The needs across Ukraine are enormous, and UNHCR is committed to doing its part of the joint effort to address these needs. As the winter temperatures can plummet as low as –20 degrees Celsius in parts of the country, UNHCR is racing to repair as many homes as possible before the winter starts so people can stay warm in their homes.” said Karolina Lindholm, UNHCR Representative in Ukraine.


As part of its winterisation response, UNHCR aims to repair and insulate 8,200 houses through its programme of light and medium repairs, to create or improve 14,400 sleeping spaces in collective centres for IDPs who cannot return home and do not have the means to secure private accommodation. Some 337,000 people will receive cash support to cover increased costs associated with the winter period and 567,000 people will receive essential items like thermal blankets, thermoses and heaters. Overall, UNHCR aims to reach more than 940,000 vulnerable individuals in the winterization response to complement the Government’s efforts.

For additional information please contact: Victoria Andrievska, Associate Communication/PI Officer, UNHCR Ukraine,, +38(044) 288 9710.


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