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Update on the UN work in Ukraine 23.03.2022

23 March 2022

We now know that more than 200,000 people lack access to water across the Donetska oblast in the country’s east. That is according to authorities and our humanitarian colleagues.  

More people could be cut off from the water supply as clashes continue in the area, potentially leaving millions of people without access to water.  

Attacks on healthcare are continuing. The World Health Organization said that, since 24 February, there now have been 64 attacks on health facilities, health care workers and ambulances. Health workers, healthcare facilities and supplies must never be targeted. It is sad that we need to say that over and over again: Any attacks on healthcare are a violation of international humanitarian law.  

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is managing regional hotlines to help people move safely and have had more than 15,000 consultations in the last few weeks.  

They tell us that people are seeking information regarding human trafficking, as well as safe travel, how to seek asylum and obtain refugee status, and how to receive support from diplomatic institutions and other organizations. 

And a cash update for you: we are still at 38 per cent level of the $1.1 billion 2022 Ukraine Flash Appeal. We thank the donors who released their pledged money amounts and encourage others to convert pledges to cash as quickly as possible. And of course the phone banks, as they say in telethons, remain open for people who have yet to pledge and we would hope more pledges come through and more cash comes through. 

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