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UN in Ukraine is launching its Policy Paper on Social Protection in Ukraine, with pensions in focus

14 April 2021

Ukraine’s social protection system is characterized by low coverage and limited access for the poorest and socially excluded, insufficient quality and gender-responsiveness of social services and growing funding deficits. COVID-19 had a severe impact on existing challenges, affecting in particular people in the most vulnerable situations.

The event aims to highlight policy recommendations for the Government of Ukraine and other relevant stakeholders and facilitate a dialogue on social protection, with a specific focus on pension reform to spur national debate and encourage policymaking on this issue that is compliant with international human rights standards.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms. Michelle Bachelet, and the Director-General of the International Labour Organization, Mr. Guy Ryder, will join the event via video addresses.

Ms. Maryna Lazebna, Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine, national and international experts from international organization, civil society, parliament and trade union representatives will discuss the highlights and recommendations of the UN Policy Paper on Social Protection and key aspects to take under consideration when reforming the pension system in Ukraine.

The event is a part of The Hernan Santa Cruz Dialogues, addressed to raise awareness and stimulate discussions within communities to strengthen the realization of economic, social and cultural rights. The event is organized by the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office.

UN in Ukraine is launching its Policy Paper on Social Protection in Ukraine, with pensions in focus

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