EU supports the launch of online Fathers’ Club in Kyiv

  • With EU support, the “Tatohub.Kyiv” Fathers’ Club started operating online on April 6. It is addressed to fathers in Kyiv who would like to become more conscious and responsible parents by sharing childcare and household responsibilities with their spouses or partners.

Tatohub.Kyiv is the third club for fathers to be launched in Ukraine in the context of the “EU 4 Gender Equality: Together against gender stereotypes and gender-based violence” programme, funded by the European Union, implemented jointly by UN Women and UNFPA. The first two clubs were launched at the end of 2020 in Odesa and Vinnytsia. 

Using Facebook as the main platform, the Tatohub.Kyiv club aims to support men in overcoming gender stereotypes and to promote gender equality by providing information about improving partner relations, providing childcare, understanding child psychology, and learning how to spend meaningful leisure time with children and distribute household chores equally. Fathers and expecting fathers are welcome to join the group on Facebook at:

“Gender equality is a crosscutting priority for the EU, crucial for the democratic governance and social development in any country. We have redefined and up scaled our commitment in the recently adopted Gender Action Plan III where Advancing equal participation and leadership is put among the thematic priorities for the EU support. Tato.Hubs – a tool to engage men in the fight for gender equality, and not only women –  are among the numerous practical steps to support equal participation in family and public life in Ukraine”, said Tetiana Shulha, Gender focal point and sector manager at the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

“Even though we officially launched the Tatohub.Kyiv club today, it already has around 100 participants. This is a clear sign for us of the desperate demand for this kind of support for men in their fatherhood. As a new law on paternity leave is expected to be adopted soon, we plan to help families in keeping work-life balance and support dads at all stages of fatherhood.  We will continue to help men understand the value of men’s engagement for the men themselves, for the children’s performance and well-being, and for women’s empowerment and better partner relations” said Pavlo Zamostian, deputy Representative of UNFPA in Ukraine.

We all want changes, but we are not hurry up to change ourselves. Tatohub.Kyiv opens opportunities for men to change their habits, take more responsibility for raising children, household chores and leisure activities. With the support of the UN Population Fund, we are launching a new project to jointly promote the values of responsible fatherhood in the city of Kyiv”, said Marina Honda, Deputy Head of the Kyiv City State Administration, City Commissioner for Gender Equality.

Tatohub.Kyiv is managed by the Ukrainian Foundation of Public Health, UNFPA Ukraine’s project implementing partner, and will be operating in partnership with the Kyiv City Council (Service for Children and Family, City Centre for Gender Equality and Violence Prevention, Gender Equality Department) to tackle, among others, the needs of vulnerable fathers and fathers with disabilities.


Background: This initiative is announced in the framework of the “EU 4 Gender Equality: Together against gender stereotypes and gender-based violence” programme, funded by the European Union, implemented jointly by UN Women and UNFPA.

For additional information, please contact: Oleksandr Ostapa, communication manager of Tatohub.Kyiv, 063-387-58-27,

UN entities involved in this initiative
UN Women
United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women
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