UN Policy Paper on In-Out Migration

Migration is crucial for the socio-economic development of Ukraine; it also represents a key area of the country cooperation framework with the European Union.  Safe, orderly and regular migration with full respect for human rights is crucial to achieving a wide range of development goals. The 2030 Agenda recognises migration as a core development consideration and commits to international cooperation. The Sustainable Development Goals recognise migrant women, men and children as a vulnerable group to be protected, yet, the 2030 Agenda also recognises migrants as agents of development as integral to the economies of their host countries. COVID-19 has accelerated the need for a comprehensive migration governance framework. An effective response requires a centrally coordinated whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach that benefits migrants and society as a whole and involves full respect for human rights. To this end, Ukraine’s Strategy of State Migration Policy must be accelerated, stakeholder capacity enhanced, and mechanisms for coordination institutionalised and made inclusive. It is in this context, the UN Country Team in Ukraine has put together this paper to highlight several policy recommendations for the Government of Ukraine and other migration stakeholders such as civil society, private sector, which need to be further examined and translated into concrete actions for reaping the benefits of migration while minimizing the costs.


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