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FAO announced the launching of “Doradnyk” website, for the development of agricultural advisory services in Eastern Ukraine

09 August 2021

On 27 July 2021, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) officially announced the launching of “Doradnyk” website– – which will host the latest news in the field of agriculture, announcements, discussions farmers related initiatives and detailed information about advisory services in Eastern Ukraine.


“Doradnyk” website will provide quality advisory services to farmers, in particular, to those from Donetsk, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia oblasts.


"Farmers, advisory services, representatives of micro, small and medium enterprises, local authorities and all other stakeholders now have the opportunity to consult on any issues related to agricultural and rural development," said Eugen Chiabur, FAO international project coordinator. "The platform has also been designed to facilitate information exchange between various actors of the light model of the agricultural advisory services system", developed by FAO within the scope of the UN Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme (UN RPP).


According to Roman Bezus, FAO expert on agricultural advisory services, “the light model of the agricultural advisory services system is a FAO-developed information and advisory system in which clear roles and responsibilities are given to different actors in the advisory system, depending on their main strengths, at the national, regional and community levels”. The expert also noted that “access to advisory services is extremely important for agricultural producers, especially for those producers who live and work in eastern Ukraine, in conflict-affected areas”.


“Doradnyk” website was developed by FAO and handed over to the Eastern Ukrainian Agricultural Advisory Services, in Donetsk oblast, for further development, management and ownership, in complementarity with two other advisory services in the region, the NGO "Agricultural Advisory Service", from Luhansk oblast, and the Information and Consultancy Center “Agro-Tavria”, from Zaporizhzhia oblast.


“Anyone who has  relevant experience and desire to work with agricultural producers in three oblasts, in eastern Ukraine and beyond, can publish their profile in the "Advisors" or "Service Providers" section of the website and directly promote their services. We hope this approach of facilitating advisory services by various actors will be upscaled to other regions of Ukraine,” added Roman Bezus. "An agricultural producer or a farmer, in turn, after reading the profile of such a person or organization, can request for  appropriate services."


The user has to follow two steps to register: 1) enter a valid email address and come up with a password, or log in using social networks; 2) create a personal account and click "Save". Registered users can then start participating in discussions, commenting on the news, as well as post relevant information about themselves in the sections "Advisors" and "Service Providers"!


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FAO announced the launching of “Doradnyk” website, for the development of agricultural advisory services in Eastern Ukraine

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